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Custom Computer Cases

Be unique with one of these custom painted cases from One-Stop Computer Services. You can get a case featuring your favorite sports team or fictional character.

The Process

We take high-quality computer cases from companies such as Cooler Master and Thermaltake, which are taken apart to the lowest possible level. We use only premium paints and clear coats to ensure that you get exceptional quality. After that's done, we use licensed decals, when possible. If need be, we will hand paint the logo or character on the case. Because of the process, expect it to take two to three weeks for the completion of the case, once it has been ordered.

About the Sample Images

Below you'll see samples based on some of the teams and fan favorites in the Mansfield, Ohio area. Before we get started on your case, we'll find a case that works specifically for your needs and come up with a design for you before starting work. Feel free to contact us today to get a price quote on your new computer case!

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