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Search Engine Optimization

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years, to the point where many are saying that SEO is dead. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

On-Site SEO

On-Site SEO used to be accomplished though using keywords of the search criteria for which you want to rank. You would shove as many of those keywords into headlines and above the fold as you could. People would create on-page links that went to other pages, to make their preferred landing page look more important. Below are the keys to good on-site Search Engine Optimization.

  • Good on-page content:
    • Proper flow of content
    • Proper grammar
    • Content should be answering questions
  • Proper link structure:
    • An intuitive menu
    • Be able to get to all main pages from any other page
  • Structured data:
    • Gives search engines specific information

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO has changed even more than on-site. You used to be able to contract with a company that would list your company in countless online directories, and within a link farm. Today, Google looks more at your company’s social reputation and online mentions. Off-site links are still important, but they can’t be built in the way that they were in the past. Matt Cutts, the head of link spam at Google said on his blog, "The objective is not to 'make your links appear natural', the objective is that your links are natural."

Black Hat SEO Recovery

Between poor backlinks, bad content, hidden content, and a multitude of other penalties that you may fall under, recovery can be a daunting task. Too many companies in the past, and even continuing to present date, use techniques will get your website penalized by Google and other search engines.

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