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Social Media and Businesses

One-Stop Computer Services understands that the purpose of social media isn't about direct sales and ROI. That's why you have a website and other sales channels. Social media, such as Facebook, Google+, and Instagram are designed to keep your brand in front of people, so that when they are ready to buy, they think of you. It's much like a modern version of radio advertising, but with more fun. Social media should be engaging and entice the customer to interact with your business.

Business to Consumer

If your business model is mostly business to consumer (B2C), then your social media strategy should be fun, funny, and a highly engaging. You'll want to place posts that have nothing to do with your industry, and even links to other websites. Though the website may not be yours, you sharing that article is worth more than where the article actually is.

Business to Business

If your primary customer base is other businesses (B2B), then your social media strategy should be more matter-of-fact and industry-related. You should still enjoy yourself with your social media, but keep it on topic.

Hybrid Businesses

Companies like One-Stop Computer Services offer products and services to both the B2B and B2C markets. This means that you need to have fun, engaging posts for the consumer market, and industry-related posts for your business market. This makes the Hybrid market a more time-intensive project to stay on top of their social media accounts. Compartmentalizing their uses for social media is very popular among Hybrid organizations.

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